Four Corners MASH is where keeping your pet healthy and happy is our priority.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine along with friendly, compassionate service.

We believe in treating every patient as if they were our own, so they receive the same attention and care. We are devoted to giving our patients the best care possible at an affordable price.

*As I approach retirement, I am seldom available after hours for emergencies, except HOME EUTHANASIAS.    I am starting to take more time off and enjoy my horses.  So I am not as readily available as I have been in the past.   I am no longer taking  after hour non client calls or large animal calls, except home euthanasias.   I will provide home euthanasia services to all people for small animals, if I am available, as this service isn’t available through most clinics.




For appointments,
call during business hours:
Monday – Thursday 8-4
Fri, Sat and Sun closed

12838 Rd 24.5
Cortez, CO 81321


9080298We are no longer a full service veterinary clinic.  We are still in Cortez, Colorado, but have reduced our services as I approach retirement.  We are still doing spays/neuters of cats and smaller dogs, some simple dentals, and vaccinations along with some other services that occur on a day to day basis at a reasonable cost.  I am no longer doing diagnostics or taking on ongoing cases.

As I near retirement, I have decided to reduce my hours to 3 days a week, so most of my appointments are done on M, T and Th.  I am no longer doing any large animal care, but focusing more on dogs and cats.  I am wanting to enjoy my horses more,  so riding and camping is becoming a bigger part of my life.  That means more trips and time away from practice.


We have limited facilities to diagnose and treat your pet.

Health Certificates


All anesthetized animals are monitored with a pulse oximeter that displays heart rate and oxygen levels, and an apnea meter that indicates respiratory rate during all surgical procedures.

These prices are all inclusive unless otherwise stated, no hidden fees!

I am limiting surgery/dental patients to 50# as my table isn’t adjustable.

Feline Spay $120.00 Pregnant may have an additional charge.

Canine Spay (Pregnant or in heat will have an additional charge)

Canine Castration (additional charge for a cryptorchid  (retained testicle))


Providing a compassionate and humane euthanasia conducted in a calm, supportive manner. We do our best to accommodate your family needs.  House calls are available for this procedure.   Prices are quoted at time of appointment.


Microchipping is a safe and permanent form of pet identification designed to identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners. This is a simple non surgical procedure and can be during an exam visit.


For the convenience of our clients we provide vaccinations at an affordable cost by appointment.  There is NOT an additional office call fee, unless other services are required.

Distemper Parvo and Lepto vaccine or DAPL4 $48
Bordetella $28.00*
Rabies $20.00

FVR $49.00*
Rabies $20.00 (no wellness exam)

*includes a basic wellness exam in price


Our dental services include complete teeth cleaning with ultrasonic scaler and  polishing.

Feline Dental $145.00
Canine Dental
<20# ……..$155

ADDITIONAL FEES apply for pre-anesthetic blood tests, antibiotics, pain medications and extractions


I am less available as I approach full retirement, and am seldom available for after hours calls, except Home Euthanasias. My voicemail message does state when I am out of town.  However I do not sit by the phone waiting for someone to call as days may go by without a call. I hike, walk my dogs and ride my horses as often as I can and I doing more trips. Your Emergency is important and I will be paged immediately upon leaving a message. If you do not get a return call with in a time frame acceptable to you, please utilize other resources.

For appointments call during business hours

Monday – Thursday 8-4

12838 Road 24.5
Cortez, CO 81321



Four Corners MASH in Cortez, Colorado, is no longer a full service clinic. We provide primarily cat and smaller dogs spays/neuters and some dentals.  Also vaccinations.  We are no longer doing diagnostics and long term cases with follow ups.

Dr. Susan Grabbe is a licensed veterinarian, who treats dogs and cats. Your pets health and well being is very important to us and we will take every step to give your pet the best possible care. Four Corners MASH, LLC offers wellness exams and compassionate euthansia. Because we are a small practice, we can provide personal service and you will see the same doctor for every visit.

Home euthanasia is handled in a calm, supportive manner.

"I don't know how this happened!"
“I don’t know how this happened!”